Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gaming Update!

Great new everyone!
We now have 3 new scripts that gives the game the ability to make the Characters walk and run in diagonal formations!
That's right! From now on the game will offer diagonal movement during game play!
Screen shots will come soon enough, we just need to fix up all the sprites we need for it!

And it's all thanks to our buddy *Modern Algebra* who pointed me in the right direction!

This is just one step closer to getting that complete EarthBound feeling we have been going for!

Until next time!
Heights Entertainment, taking games to new heights!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Musical Update!

Hey everyone, It's been a while since our last update.
But we finally have some worth while stuff to post up so here ya go!

Our Composer HuskyInDenial has brought to us some fantastic new compositions that will be used in the game.
They sound great and we can't wait to see what he dishes out next!

Take some time and listen to them and when you're done comment on them!

-The final product of String City, with a guitar solo by Ping Rose of Velvet Transit:

-A preview of Harmony Shores (MIDI drum loops still in place, no melody):

-I also went back and redid the drums and messed with amplifiers on Violen Town. See what you think. I like it, except for the open hi-hat. I think I’m going to change it. More suggestions welcome!

-Finally, a little random something I threw together around Christmas time. It has a certain Earthbound charm, but I don’t know how you’d use it. I like it, though.