Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey guys long time no speak. Here is your update!:


-The new and improoved maps have been added. We will be working on several other smaller maps for you gaming amusement.

-NPC’s will also be added, but be aware we might be forced to reuse some since we don’t have enough custom made ones from our spriter which I have had no luck in contacting. (Maybe he is on vacation or something…)

- Some extra stuff has also been added that will make the functionality of this game seem more EarthBound like!

- Creation of the final cutscene of the new demo and the last boss of the demo will begin shortly after the smaller maps are created.

On another note we have another spriter helping us on the game!
Everyone welcome Yami Mono.
Thanks to her we now have a good Boss sprite for the new demo.

Also our good friend Fox4729 is trying to find a composer for the game. lets hope we get lucky!

Well that's it for the update!
Until next time!

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