Sunday, April 25, 2010


Okay guys it's been a while, but alot has happened!

-The New Caterpillar script work 99% perfect, just a tweak or two will make it work.

-Fox has found us a guy who is currently working on a List of 5 Core scripts the we REALLY need and another list of 5 scripts that we want for the game.
These scripts include:
Pixel Movement, gradual decrease and increase of health, Better battle message window and battle animations when you miss or you evade an attack.

- Still on Fox, he also got someone to do some concept art for the Governing Star general.
For those of you who would like to see the Concept art of the General and Son just follow this link!

-Upon one of my script requests has been to rename a skill. And thank goodness a kind scripter created one for us. Which means now you can rename the PSI Special that Son uses upon starting a new game!

-And one of our spriters MXXai has been working on a possible graphics update!
and a couple of tiles as well. I see great power within this one LOL!

Well that's it for now, and remember if you want up to date info on EarthBound 3 just head over to
Until next time!

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