Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gaming Update!

Hey everyone!
How do you like our new template? Pretty EXCELLENT! don't you all think?

Anyways here is your update:
-Development of Harmony Shores is about 90% complete, just gotta finish up a cutscene or two and it's done!

-A lone Scripter by the name of Modern Algebra has fixed a special script which will be used in the battle system for Ralph. I'll inform you all on the a bit more later on!

-Also the clutter tree tiles are starting to be applied to current maps and MAJOR changes will be done to the beginning half of the game to make it more player friendly and attractive!

-Bad news in our scripting department, Our scripter was forced to quit due to personal life and academic life reasons so we are on the look for another one.
If anyone would like that position just contact us here or on the forum.

-Talking about looking for people, Yami Mono will temporary be out of commission for most of the summer. If anyone would like to briefly take her place as Battle Spriter contact us here or on the forum!

-One last thing, we have come up with alot of costume enemies for EarthBound 3, they have been posted on the forum. Check 'em out and tell us what you think!

Well that's about it for now, later I will post a couple of screen shots for you guys and maybe even a couple of those costume enemies I talked about earlier.
Until next time!

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