Sunday, October 11, 2009

Demo 2.0 Release!

Hey guys!
The time is here, EarthBound 3 Demo 2.0 is here!

As always we have packed everything into a little package and all you guys need to do is read the "EB3 Read Me" file.
Please if any problems or questions contact us here or on the forum.

Here is the link to the forum:

And here is the link to get the Demo:

On another note!
Joining us on the music side of this project is HuskyInDenial!
Husky was kind enough to host the demo and is also creating high quality music for our game
an example of his work is in the demo package!

Okay that's for today, remember to leave comments on what you guys think about the game.

Heights Entertainment, Taking games to new Heights!

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