Saturday, September 4, 2010


Sorry about the delay people.
It's been a while since I posted last but alot of has happened!

-We were finally able to have a successful team meeting where alot was clarified and discussed.
Although not everyone was able to attend I am still content with what happened.

-I have implemented the whole game with the clutter tree tiles and fixed all of the maps to make them look more attractive.

-Mxxai is finally back and with a vengeance!
Where was he? well he will not say...

-I have started working on tiles for a sip area that will be occur soon after Harmony Shores. But that all I will talk about that for now. Can't spoil you guys too much!
How ever I have posted a small screen shot on the forum so if any of you would like to check it head on over there now.

-Also I have been experimenting with the color scheme of the sprites.
I have been deliberating whether to switch from tradition to real world colors.
I have posted an example on the forum for those who would like to comment.

-And HuskyInDenial is working on a secret musical project. I'll elaborate on that later!

That's it for now.
Again sorry for the lack of updates but since school started it's been tough to find free time.

Until next time!
Heights Entertainment, taking games to new heights!

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