Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay people sorry again for the long delay of posts, but hey that's what happens when college gets in the way of everything. But not to worry the game is still moving forward as usual. Chapter 2 is 98% complete. And skills and stats have been set for every character!
Our lead spriter CrimsonGallantmon (aka CG) has been working his butt off to create quality EarthBound styled sprites and is almost done creating some soilder sprites neede for the games story.
On another note thanks to master spriter Woranata from RPG revolution, we now have a Caterpillar script that is compatible with just about everything, so no need to worry about following partymembers messing up anymore!
Also a new RPGMaker XP battle system script is now in use to make the game feel more like EarthBound.
Also our composer Tidal is still trying his best to create great music for the game, but in the mean while our own ZeroHeights has created a theme using Mario paint, for the game!
Here is a link to go listen to it!
We hope you guys enjoy the music and keep a look out for Screen shots in the future!

Also we are calling all music composers to contact us. Although we have Tidal to make music he is still learning we need a pro to come in and fill in the blank spots. If think u can do it contact us here.

Also log onto for more EarthBound info and their fan forum to check out frequent updates on this game there too.
Until next time!

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