Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gaming Update and mounthly round up!

Okay guys, sorry again for the long delay of updates... College realy takes it out of me!
any ways here is what has happened in the last few weeks. Alot of break throughs like a EartBound like battle transition has now been implemented into the game! also now when eer you battle random enemy or boss they will have a trippy background to go along with them.
Here are some screen shots!:
-This first one shows the Battle transition:

-These next two show the battle backgrounds in EB style!:

That's right EarthBound Battle Backgrouns have also been added for the fresh EB feel! LOL
Also that big cutscene i have been talking about is about 95% done, just a few tune ups here and there and it will be done!
Also we have decided to release another demo! But it wil be limited to the members of Heights Entertainment! We are however considering to hold a raffle to those who also wish to try out the next demo. Who ever wishes to be in the raffle log on to and head over to the forums and post in the topic in the fangames section named EarthBound 3 VX telling use that you want to be apart of the demo testers!
3 lucky winners will get a copy of the demo and specific instructions will be givin out to those who will participate in the demo!
here is a link for those who are too lazy to go through the site:

Well that's it for today! Sorry again for the lack of updates!
Until next time!

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