Sunday, January 23, 2011

EarthBound 3

Hello everyone!
If you are visiting us through EBCentral do not worry you are in the right place!
This is indeed the Development blog for EarthBound 3, the name "Heights Entertainment" is the name of our team!

Please feel free to look around and drop some questions if you wish!
Also check out the links in the lower right corner of the blog for extra info and such.
We hope you like our blog and please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

We hope to see you next time.
Heights Entertainment, taking games to new heights!


Stephen said...

I found out about the project and it seems pretty cool, I like how you already have a playable demo.

Zero2008 said...

LOL thanks buddy!
Have you tried the demo yet?

brockryan92 said...

i was just looking through google for pictures of earthbound just for the memories of playing as a child, then i came across earthbound 3, and im thinking this cant be true, i looked at your trailor and im am SO excited to tryout the real thing, im getting the demo right now and im pumped to play it. keep up the good work and i know there are other earthbound fans who cant wait to see this either!

Zero2008 said...

Glad to read how excited you are buddy!

A quick heads up though, the demo and the video are quite different.
The demo is from a year ago and the video the Trailer is much more recent.
However you will get the jist of what we're doing from the demo.
Happy gaming!

Stephen said...

I've actually played through the demo a bit, it seems like a very promising project. It would be nice if this gets finished since too many good projects seem to get cancelled.

Zero2008 said...

LOl don't worry buddy!
We will not stop until we get this game done!

Krazy Josifer said...

yea def keep up the good work please please please let me know when its finished, im really dissapointed with the way mother 3 just ended, i actually just finished it and it seemed like they just gave up on the end, earthbound was so intense and it seemed much longer.......i want so much more hahaha

Zero2008 said...

I agree with you Krazy Josifer!
Although Mother 3 (akd EarthBound 2)
was an excellent game in every aspect!
The ending kind of left me wanting more.
This is actually one of the reasons why we decided to take a crack at making an EarthBound game!
I just hope the end product is liked by everyone! XD

heeeheeee said...

will this game be playable on mac??

Zero2008 said...

Well yes and no...
Since we are making this game on RPG Maker VX we are limited to releasing the game in .exe format which does not run on Macs.
However we have a team member who has gotten .exe file to work on macs before hand. When we release the full version we will also have a list of programs which will allow you to play the game on a Mac.